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Acura VIN Vehicle Attributes

Acura VIN Vehicle Attributes code Model
BB2 Prelude, 2.3L
BB6 Prelude 2-door
CB3 Japan Version Accord, 2.2L
CB7 Accord, 2.2L
CB9 Accord Wagon, 2.2L
CC1 Accord coupe, 2.0L
CD5 Accord 4 Door 2.2L VTEC
CD7 Accord 2 Door 2.2L
CE1 Accord Wagon 2.2L
CE6 Accord V6 4 Door 2.7L
CF8 Accord 4 Door SOHC
CF4 Accord 4 Door DOHC SiR-T
CG1 Accord 4 Door V6 VTEC
CG2 Accord 2 Door V6 VTEC
CG3 Accord 2 Door (VTEC or ULEV)
CG5 Accord 4 Door VTEC
CG6 Accord 4 Door ULEV
ED3 Civic 4 Door, 1.5L
ED4 Civic 4 Door, 1.6L
ED6 Civic 3 Door, 1.5L
ED7 Civic3 Door, 1.6L
ED8 CRX, 1.5L
ED9 CRX, 1.6L