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Honda VIN Decoder - Vehicle Attributes

Honda VIN Decoder - Vehicle Attributes Code Grade
6 Civic DX 3-door
6 Accord E w/leather 2/4-door
6 Civic LX w/ABS 4-door
6 Civic Del Sol Si
6 Odyssey LX 7 Passenger
6 Prelude 4WS Si
6 CR-V EX (1998)
7 Accord Hatchback & LXi
7 EX Accord (92-93)
7 VX Civic (1993)
7 VTEC Prelude(1993)
7 Odyssey EX
7 Accord EX
7 Accord EX ULEV (1998)
7 Civic LX w/AC
7 Civic Del Sol Si/wABS
7 Civic Del Sol VTEC
7 Prelude VTEC
7 Civic VX 3-door
8 LXi Accord Automatic ("passive") seat belt
8 Accord Hatchback & LXi ("passive") seat belt
8 SE Accord