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Hyundai VIN Decoder - World Manufacturer Identifier

Hyundai VIN Decoder - World Manufacturer Identifier Country of Origin & Manufacturer
AC5 Hyundai Automotive South Africa (cars)
ADD Hyundai Automotive South Africa (SUV)
KMH Hyundai Korea (passenger vehicle)
KM8 Hyundai Korea (multi-purpose vehicle)
MAL Hyundai Motors India Ltd
NLH Hyundai Assan (passenger cars)
NLJ Hyundai Assan (minibus, van)
TMA Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech
U6Z Kia Motors Slovakia (ix35 only)
Z94 Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus
ZK5 Hyundai Automobili Italia Importazioni
2HM Hyundai Canada
3H3 Hyundai de Mexico SA de CV
5NP Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama