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Audi VIN Vehicle Attributes

Audi VIN Vehicle Attributes code Series
MAudi Q7 Premium+ S-Line
NA3 Avant Manual Premium+
RS5 Avant Manual Premium+ Q
RA8 Avant Manual Premium+ Q
SA4 Advant Premium+ Q
SA6 Advant Premium+ Q
STT & TTS Rdstr Premium Q
VS5 Prestige Q
VS5 Cab Prestige Q
VAudi Q5 Prestige
VAudi Q7 Premstige
WA4 Avant Premium+ Q
WA6 Avant Premium+ Q
WA5 Prestige Q S-Line
WA5 Cb Prestige Q S-Line
WAudi Q5 Prestige S-Line
WAudi Q7 Prestige S-Line
WTT Rdstr Premium+ Q
3S5 Manual Prestige Q
4A4 Avant Prestige Q
4A6 Avant Prestige Q
4A5 Man Prestige Q S-Line
4TT & TTS Rdstr Prestige Q