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Cadillac VIN - Vehicle Attributes

Cadillac VIN Vehicle Attributes code Vehicle Attributes - Platform codes
CW Buick Park Avenue
CD Cadillac DeVille
CT Cadillac DeVille
CB Cadillac Fleetwood
CG Cadillac Sixty Special
DW Cadillac Brougham
DV Buick Terraza
DG Cadillac CTS
DM Cadillac CTS
DP Cadillac CTS
DR Cadillac CTS
DU Cadillac CTS
EC Pontiac G8
EL Cadillac Eldorado
ET Cadillac Eldorado
EZ Buick Riviera
AP Chevrolet Camaro
AS Pontiac Firebird
AV Pontiac Firebird Formula/ Trans Am
AW Pontiac Firebird Formula/ Trans Am
FP Chevrolet Camaro
FS Pontiac Firebird
FV Pontiac Firebird Formula/ Trans Am