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Cadillac VIN Plant Code

Cadillac VIN Plant Code Assembly Plant
A Lakewood, Georgia Lakewood Assembly
B Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore Assembly
B Lansing, Michigan Lansing Craft Centre
C Lansing, Michigan Lansing C
D Doraville, Georgia Doraville Assembly
E Linden, New Jersey Linden Assembly
E Pontiac, Michigan Pontiac Assembly Center
F Fairfax, Kansas Fairfax II
F Flint, Michigan Flint Truck Assembly
G Framingham, Massachusetts Framingham Assembly
H Flint, Michigan Buick City
J Janesville, Wisconsin Janesville Assembly
K Leeds, Missouri Leeds Assembly
L Van Nuys, California Van Nuys Assembly
M Lansing, Michigan Lansing Car Chassis Assembly
N Norwood, Ohio Norwood Assembly
O Lansing, Michigan Lansing O
P Pontiac, Michigan Pontiac Assembly
Q Detroit, Michigan Detroit Assembly
R Arlington, Texas Arlington Assembly
S St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis Truck Assembly
T Tarrytown, New York Tarrytown Truck Assembly