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Mercury VIN - Vehicle Attributes

Mercury VIN Vehicle Attributes code Vehicle Attributes - Model Tyeps
P28Ford Taurus/Five Hundred; Limited, AWD ('07-up)
P30Ford Focus, Hatchback, 3-door; SVT
P31Ford Focus, Hatchback, 3-door
P33Ford Focus, Sedan
P34Ford Focus, Sedan
P35Ford Focus, Wagon
P36Ford Focus, Wagon
P37Ford Focus, Hatchback, 5-door
P38Ford Focus, Sedan; ST
P39Ford Focus, [unknown]
P10Ford Mustang, Coupe; L/GL ('82)
P12Ford Mustang, Coupe; GLX ('82)
P13Ford Mustang, Hatchback; GLX ('82)
P16Ford Mustang, Hatchback; GL/GT ('82)
P26Ford Mustang, Coupe ('83-'86)
P27Ford Mustang, Convertible ('83-'86)
P28Ford Mustang, Hatchback ('83-'86)
P40Ford Mustang, Coupe; LX ('87-'93), V6 ('94-'04)
P41Ford Mustang, Hatchback; LX ('87-'93)
P42Ford Mustang, Hatchback; GT ('87-'93), Cobra ('93), Cobra R ('93)
P42Ford Mustang, Coupe; GT ('94-'04), Bullitt ('01), Mach 1 ('03-'04)
P44Ford Mustang, Convertible; LX ('87-'93), V6 ('94-'04)