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Oldsmobile VIN - Vehicle Attributes

Oldsmobile VIN Vehicle Attributes code Vehicle Attributes - Platform codes
WD Buick Lacrosse / Allure (in Canada) CXL
WE Buick Lacrosse / Allure (in Canada) CXS
WF Chevrolet Impala/ Buick Regal GS
WH Chevrolet Impala LS
WJ Pontiac Grand Prix SE
WK Pontiac Grand Prix SE1
WL Chevrolet Lumina
WP Pontiac Grand Prix GT / Chevrolet Impala
WR Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
WS Buick Century Custom
WW Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS
WX Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
WY Buick Century Limited
YV Cadillac XLR
YY Chevrolet Corvette
YZ Chevrolet Corvette