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Saturn VIN - Vehicle Attributes

Saturn VIN Vehicle Attributes code Vehicle Attributes - Platform codes
LW Chevrolet Beretta "GT" RPO Z21 & Z26
LZ Chevrolet Corsica LTZ RPO Z54
LZ Chevrolet Beretta "GTZ" RPO Z04
ND Chevrolet Malibu
NE Chevrolet Malibu LS/ Pontiac Grand Am SE
NF Pontiac Grand Am SE1/ Oldsmobile Alero GLS
NG Pontiac Grand Am SE2
NK Oldsmobile Alero Level I
NL Oldsmobile Alero Level II
NV Pontiac Grand Am GT1
NW Pontiac Grand Am GT
PE Pontiac Fiero Coupe
PF Pontiac Fiero SE
PG Pontiac Fiero GT
PM Pontiac Fiero Sport coupe
SL Pontiac Vibe
SM Pontiac Vibe AWD
SN Pontiac Vibe GT
VR Cadillac Allante/ Cadillac Catera
VS Cadillac Allante coupe
VX Pontiac GTO coupe
WB Chevrolet Impala / Buick Regal LS
WC Buick Lacrosse / Allure (in Canada) CX